General Membership

Any person who has retired from active employment with the City of Jacksonville, or any of its independent agencies and who is receiving a pension payment from any pension plan in effect at the time of that person’s active employment is eligible for membership in the Association.

Also the spouse of any deceased person that was a member or that could have qualified as a member shall be admitted as a member of the Association.

Associate Memberships

It is recognized that many persons could make contributions to the Association even though not yet pensioners of the City. You can become an associate member if vested in a City of Jacksonville pension plan.

An associate member is eligible to attend all meetings and participate in all social functions but can not serve on the Board of Directions. Associate members may vote on matters decided by the membership.  An associate can serve on all committees except the Nominating Committee.

Associate members dues and other charges are the same amounts as the general membership.

Affiliate Membership

It is recognized that there are many persons who have a legitimate interest in the Association and who could make significant contributions to the Association.

An affiliate member shall be eligible to attend all meetings and participate in all social functions of the Association but shall not serve on the Board of Directors nor vote on matters to be decided by vote of the general membership. Affiliate members shall be eligible to serve on all committees and may chair any such committee except the Nominating Committee.

Affiliate members shall pay dues and other charges of the Association as the same amounts applicable to the general membership.